Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Texas Fit Chicks Couch Potato Workout

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Next time you turn on your favorite show - make it live (no dvr to fast fwd) and do this workout during the commercials! Most hour long shows have around 18-20 minutes of ads, so I've created a workout for you to burn some calories at home. Feel free to forward this email and share with some of your favorite couch potato friends! No equipment needed. Ready...set...GO!
20 Pushups - Try to do at least 2 on your toes, then drop to your knees if you need to.
20 Bicycle Crunches - Fingertips behind ears, Bicycle with legs and bring right elbow to left knee, then alternate. Go slow - and avoid momentum
20 Prisoner Squats - Finger tips behind ears, chest lifted slowly squat down then up - making sure that knees don't overshoot your toes. Good way to make sure you've got good form is to lift your toes in your shoes, keeping weight in your heels.
Squat and hold for 60 seconds
20 Jumping Jacks
1 Minute of Mountain climbers - in plank position, bring right knee in towards chest, then left, alternating quickly
Booty Kicks - Run in place trying to kick booty with heels - 30 seconds
High Knees - In place, alternate legs 30 seconds
Forward/Reverse Lunges - Plant left leg and step out with right leg into forward lunge position, bring right leg back to center, then drop right leg behind you for a reverse lunge. 1 minute on each leg.
Thigh Blasters - Lying on one side, lift and lower top leg workout outer thigh. 30 reps. Then cross that leg in front of the other, and lift and lower bottom leg working inner thigh 30 reps 
Repeat thigh blasters on other side 
Horizontal Scissors- fingertips behind ears, chin lifted off chest - raise legs up a few inches
off mat - then scissor in and out, with one leg going over the other then alternating. 30 seconds
Alternating Heel Touch - Knees bent heels on mat - lifting head off mat arms down to sides -reach with right arm down to touch heel - working obliques then do other side. 20 reps each side
Lying Leg Raise- legs straight out and down on mat. Lift both legs up in the air at same time,then release back down keeping control and lower back on the mat
bring legs down as far as you can w/out that occuring. 15 reps
Bicycle Crunch- 30 reps
Oblique Crunches - dropping both legs down to the right - lift and lower - repeat other side. 15
each side
Squeeze Planks - Grab a stop watch - in plank position (on forearms) shoulders over elbows. Lift up into plank position keeping a straight line from head to heels (booty down)  and squeeze everything (including glutes) for 15 seconds, then drop down for 5 seconds. Repeat 7 times. Be sure to breathc while you squeeze!

Be sure to stretch for 5-7 minutes at the end of your workout. WAY TO GO!

~ Melody


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