Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fun at home workout while you get ready for the day!

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Ok - seriously...who has room for an elliptical machine in the bathroom?? Our Plano Texas Fit Chick Trainer Tia came up with this fun workout you can squeeze in while you're getting ready for the day...no elliptical required! :) Check it out - and burn some calories while you finish off your mascara for the day....

So, I wanted to share with you a "Bathroom Workout" that I've created for myself! With all of us having such busy schedules...work, family, spouses, etc., we have to get creative and get a calorie burn and muscle build whenever we can.

So, this one is a workout that I do in the bathroom (because that is sometimes the ONLY place that I get 10 minutes to myself. Ha!). I think you will like it!

25 TUB STEP UPS (with weight to your side, step up with right leg first and follow with left leg. Step back down and now lead with stepping up with the left leg first, followed by the right leg. BE CARE NOT TO FALL IN THE TUB. Perform this exercise on the widest part of your tub. MAKE SURE THERE IS NO WATER IN THE TUB! Otherwise, you have now just turned this workout into Water Aerobics! LOL!)

25 TUB DIPS (using the side of the tub, perform deep dips similar to the tricep dips that we perform on the curb at boot camp. These dips will be more intense because the side of the tub is higher than the curb at boot camp. THIS IS A GOOD THING:) Keep your elbows back, hips close to the tub, and dip down as far as you can. Keep your arms close to your side as possible).

25 BATHROOM COUNTER WIDE INCLINE PUSHUPS (Position your arms on the bathroom counter wider than shoulder width apart. Bring your legs far out behind you, forming a 45 degree slope with your body. Note: the farther back your legs are, the more challenging the incline pushup). Perform the pushup aiming your chin towards the counter.

60 Sec SHOWER WALL SIT (I am sure that you are familiar with wall sits. Use your shower door for support)
60 Sec WALKING TUB PLANK (Position your arms in an extended plank position on the side of the tub. Walk your arms and legs out from left to right. Peform this exercise for 60 seconds)

100 MASCARA CALF RAISES (While applying your mascara, brushing your teeth or brushing your hair...perform 100 fast calf raises by lifting up on your toes repeatedly:)

Repeat this 4 times or as many times as you can before someone comes knocking on the bathroom door! The great thing about this, it you can get a good sweat and the shower is only a step away:) Enjoy:)

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