Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Top 7 Reasons Cardio is a key component of your fitness program

I hate treadmills. There is nothing worse than running and going nowhere...in my opinion :) For years, I would go to the gym and ignore the boring cardio machines, opting to only lift weights. I was missing out on so many benefits of doing cardio, but I didn’t want to be bored!! High Intensity Interval Training was the answer for me. The treadmill wasn’t so horrible if I was sprinting as fast as I could for 30 seconds then taking a break for a bit. Challenging myself like that was the only way I could stomach the treadmill. After a while though, that too became mundane. Boot Camp training was the answer for me. Doing a variety of cardio drills alleviates boredom completely and not only will your heart benefit, you might have to shop for new clothes in a smaller size!

If you are one that doesn’t have time for long drawn out bouts of cardio I have good news! You can get the same results from short bursts of activity…if done correctly!

Here are some of the top benefits of high intensity cardio exercise;

Cardio exercise improves blood circulation

Cardiovascular activity like running helps to increase the density of your capillary network. Capillaries are tiny blood vessels that cover your entire body delivering oxygenated blood and nutrients to where they are needed and taking away toxins and other waste products from cells. By increasing the density of your capillary network you create an environment where greater oxygen delivery is possible and waste disposal is made more efficient.

Cardio exercise lowers blood pressure

Cardiovascular conditioning like running can help lower blood pressure. While the scientific reasons for this are unclear, it has been observed as a common by-product of those who exercise regularly, particularly if blood pressure was high to begin with. In fact many doctors will recommend patients commit to a period of cardiovascular activity if they discover they have high blood pressure! One of our fit chicks Dee recently got a great dr. report and was able to discontinue her blood pressure meds due to her fitness training at Texas Fit Chicks bootcamp!

Cardio exercise enhances blood flow

Greater blood flow means you can circulate greater levels of oxygen around the body and produce energy more efficiently. Enhanced blood flow will also help remove waste products and toxins more effectively.

Cardio exercise increases stroke volume

Stroke Volume refers to the volume of blood the heart pumps per beat. Cardio exercise can cause a substantial increase in stroke volume both at rest and when exercising.

Increased stroke volume is likely caused by;

  • A decreased heart rate allowing for more blood to enter the ventricles between beats
  • A greater volume of blood in circulation leading to more blood returning to the heart
  • An increase in the size of the left ventricle chamber
  • An increase in the strength of the hearts contractions due to thicker ventricle walls

Cardio exercise lowers resting heart rate

Many people experience a substantial lowering of resting heart rate after improving their conditioning through cardio exercise. This is likely to be caused by an increase in stroke volume and improved oxygen delivery. The result is the heart has to beat fewer times per minute to deliver the same amount of oxygen. A resting heart of 70bpm or lower is excellent.

Cardio exercise increases energy expenditure

Cardio exercise is fantastic means of increasing your weekly energy expenditure. For those of you fit chicks looking to burn fat this is good news. Increasing your energy expenditure makes it more likely that you will create the required energy deficit for fat loss to occur. Remember if your body has an energy surplus then there is no need for the body to dig into its own energy reserves (fat) to make up the short fall.

High intensity cardio like our bootcamp hill sprints will also help trigger the release of potent fat burning hormones such as HGH thereby helping to accelerate fat loss results. Low intensity cardio will not

Cardio exercise can help improve sports performance

For those of you that play sports, enhancing your conditioning will only help your performance. More often than not it is the player or team who is able to maintain their intensity for longer that will come out on top in an athletic setting.

At Texas Fit Chicks bootcamp, we incorporate Tabata training during our workout. This high intensity training protocal will give you greater benefits than steady state training. Our bodies also never have the opportunity to plateau when you participate in our boot camps, since every single workout is different.Our clients see the benefits of working out in as little as 4 weeks with us. Join us and start this Monday to make sure your workout will get you the results you want to see. We take the guesswork out of losing weight and getting healthy! 

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