Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Little Elm/N Frisco Texas Fit Chicks Success Stories!


Hi, I'm Sarah and I've been working out with Amanda since September of 2013. I'm 33 (almost 34! eek) and I'm married stay at home mom with 2 boys, Graham is 4 and Fletcher is 1. I love Texas Fit Chicks, it has changed my life for the better! After my second son was born, I just couldn't get the drive to get back in shape. I've always exercised on my own, but it was just too hard to make the time to work out. I decided I needed the accountability of working out with others and I've always loved boot camp style work outs. I love coming to work out. I really enjoy the variety of exercises, it changes up every day. I love the tabatas, especially burpees, but hate frog jumps. I really love coming to work out with Amanda. She's such a great motivator and always makes it fun. I would tell anyone thinking about joining Texas Fit Chicks that it is worth it! It will change you. I love working out and I can't wait to go.

I started with Texas Fit Chicks in August ‘13 because although I had lost weight (20 lbs.), I needed to TONE. Being “in my 40’s” means that my body doesn’t rebound like it used to. I knew Amanda through my husband (Matt) and thought the schedule could work for me. The first challenges were to my house’s schedule. My family (son Miller and MIL Nancy who lives with me) and I usually eat dinner around 8. So I make dinner before going to class, and then I don’t get to eat it. A small snack later… and so 3 nights a week my food choices are more interesting! I work for jcpenney in the corporate office, so my day is mostly at a desk. I love the increased energy and movement that comes from our classes. I also love that the exercise are women focused (I’ve never minded the men at the gym, but the type of exercises are a big difference); I really like froggy jumps. I still hate burpees, but they have their place, so I’ve come to respect them. In the end, I love that I can see the shadow of ab muscles, that I can lift my own Christmas boxes to put them away, and that I got back into my Joe’s Jeans that I spent way too much $ on. I would tell anyone who is considering Texas Fit Chicks that it’s a great workout with girls who quickly become your friends and hold you accountable. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for me.

Amanda Rupley
Directing Trainer, PFT
Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camps
8:45-9:45 am MWTH - AM Class
7:30-8:30 pm MWTH - PM Class
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