Monday, June 2, 2014

Plano Lone Star TFC Chick Transformations!!

Marianna and Tara have amazing energy and drive...they always give 110% and love to challenge themselves!  Even if they have been working hard during boot camp and I say "let's do it again" they smile and yell "yeah let's do it"!

On top of that, these two are the "cheerleaders" of our camp...always saying positive things to the other ladies and always encouraging them! 

For example, Marianna noticed one of my other clients, Cynthia, performing push ups on her toes during camp one day!  She mentioned it to me after class, and also took it upon herself to send Cynthia a personal message "way to go...I saw you doing push ups on your toes today".  I LOVE the positive energy Marianna and Tara bring to camp every day!

Along with the energy, motivation and drive these two ladies also have some awesome results from their hard work! 

Marianna was the winner of our camp's Ultimate Challenge in January and since December she has dropped 3% of her body fat and 2 inches in her tummy! 


Tara joined my camp in March and has shown quick results!  She has dropped 2% body fat as well as lost 2 inches in her tummy and 3 inches in her thighs!  Not to mention this chick is the mommy of an almost 1 year old baby girl!  You can call her a "hot mama"!


Marianna and Tara are awesome clients who inspire me every day! 

Plano Lone Star Texas Fit Chicks in Plano
MWF 9:15 a.m.

Candace Hickey

Boot Camp Instructor & AFAA certified personal trainer


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