Monday, July 21, 2014

Princeton Texas Fit Chicks: Chick Transformation!!!

Angel Veal, is one incredibly strong and determined Fit Chick! She chose to begin her success story with Princeton Texas Fit Chicks in November with a Groupon and the rest is history. Her determination has lead to amazing results and strength. When starting Texas Fit Chicks, Angel struggled to lift 5lb dumbbells and is now able to complete 100 squats with 10lb weights on each shoulder, without skipping a beat! Her motivation and positive attitude is contagious! With the help and encouragement of her trainer and fellow TFC Chicks, her healthy lifestyle extends beyond boot camp. She has motivated her family to live a healthier lifestyle by preparing nutritious meals and including physical activity into their daily lives. Angel is a walking example of what it means to Live Life. She chose to write a new chapter for not just her but for her family as well. Make the choice! Now is the time to write your story.  

Theresa D. Taylor
Boot Camp Instructor
One-On-One Personal Trainer
Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp


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