Tuesday, June 23, 2015

TFC Chick Transformation: Carla!!!

East Carrollton Texas Fit Chicks 

As of 6/16/2015 I am truly blessed to have found Texas Fit Chicks. 
Name: Carla
Age: 34

Family: I have no kids, but I am currently engaged and I have an awesome bonus child (step child for those confused about the bonus part. LOL)

Weight or size loss to date: 20 lbs and 6 inches! 

Non-scale victories: I ordered my wedding dress January 17th 2015. I tried it on 6/17/2015 and it fell off! I mean it literally slid right down after I zipped it! Needless to say, I’m going to wait a few months before I have it altered. LOL. 

In the beginning… 
My fiancé proposed September 15, 2014 on the beach in San Diego. Later while on vacation, I was reviewing the photos we had taken and realized just how big I really was. This was a huge eye opener and I made a vow to lose weight before the wedding because there was no way I was going to enter a marriage when I was not at my best. I want to offer my husband the best of me and that includes being physically fit. 

In the past, my fitness routine involved waking at 6 am and jumping on my treadmill for 30 minutes and then lifting 5 pound weights. Yes, only 5 lbs, that’s all I had at the time. LOL

I was motivated to join Texas Fit Chicks after realizing that I needed to step my fitness game up a notch. I needed real personal training, something that would challenge me and motivate me at the same time. I found that in TFC. My trainer Wendy and the fellow chicks have been nothing short of awesome and have motivated me when I didn’t think I could go on.

I started Texas Fit Chicks December 29, 2014 as a free week preview. After that first week, I was hooked and I immediately signed up for 6 months. I eventually made a full commitment to a year. 

I didn’t change my eating habits immediately, but I soon realized that I would have to in order to reach and maintain my fitness goals. I now track everything that I eat and it has really helped me stay on track and cut out the bad food. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a cheat meal every Saturday but that just helps me to stay on track for the rest of the week.

In addition to Texas Fit chicks, I work out 3 additional days a week and I have a fitness challenge that my friend and I vow to do every month. We talk daily to ensure that the other has worked out and completed the challenge for the day. We hold each other accountable no matter what! 

My life now… 
I’ve noticed that I FEEL healthier…I have more energy…and my confidence has been boosted tremendously! 

I love to cook and my lifestyle has definitely changed in that aspect. I look for ways to make all of my dishes healthier while still keeping them delicious. My family hates veggies, so I’ve created way to sneak them in and they absolutely love it…they have no clue! LOL

Other people’s reaction to my change is usually funny to me. People are truly astonished, especially the ones that have not seen me in a while. I usually get “WOW, you look amazing!” 

My fiancé always compliments me, but sometimes I will just catch him staring at me and then he will say…”Damn you look good!” LOL
My favorite foods include veggie pasta! I absolutely love veggie pasta! And spinach…I can’t forget that. Spinach eggs with feta and sea salt is one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast. LOL
My favorite workout move has to be squats and leg lifts. My least favorite is running. 

For anyone looking to start your fitness journey, I just want to encourage you and tell you to NEVER give up! Get up…get through it because you are guaranteed to feel better afterwards. Let nothing hold you back unless you are sick and really can’t workout. Even if you are tired, get up and do it! Once you start seeing results, it becomes addicting and you will fall in love with working out. No excuses! 

I will continue on my weight loss journey and even after I reach my weight goal, I will continue to maintain my weight because I never want to become as unhealthy as I was. This is not a temporary thing…this is a lifelong journey of being fit and eating healthy. 

I LOVE Texas Fit Chicks! 

Wendy Lee
ACE-certified Personal Trainer
AFAA-certified Group Instructor
Texas Fit Chicks  

What is Texas Fit Chicks? 
We create a fun environment for women to lose weight and get FIT! With over 125 camp times and locations across the state of Texas, we are the leader in womens' fitness. Our trainers are all (female) nationally certified and have a true passion for helping other women GET fit or STAY fit! Designed to be modified for all ages and levels of fitness, Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp will change the way you look at fitness and yourself! We think every woman should have access to a trainer, at an affordable price. We believe that there is no need to yell, scream or intimidate women into working out and pushing themselves. Our trainers encourage you to push to the next level in a safe and effective way. You won't ever get bored or do the same workout twice! We have many clients that have been with us since we started, in 2009.
Our program is designed to dramatically change the way you look and feel in as little as 4 weeks. Our workouts and female fitness experts can help you reach your goals, in a healthy, sustainable way. Texas Fit Chicks includes a full body composition from your trainer before and after your session, and a free meal plan from a nutritionist to maximize your boot camp results. This plan includes family friendly recipes and printable grocery lists to make healthy eating simple.
For a full list of our locations, please visit our website www.texasfitchicks.com Are you a certified trainer interested in joining our team? Find out more here: www.fitchicktrainers.com


  1. You look AMAZING and I am so happy for you that you have made a lifestyle change. This motivates me to get back on track and back to working out. I lost my motivation along the way but after reading your post I now realize its not about motivation alone but having a commitment. After the motivation dies its the commitment that will LAST. Keep GOING!!!

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  3. Thank you so much! I am glad that I can provide some motivation for you! And you are absolutely correct! The commitment will get you through! You've got this! #teamfitchick