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TFC Chick Transformation: TIA, East Carrollton Texas Fit Chicks



Date: June 2015

Name: Tia

Age: 33

Family: Married for 7 years (this December) with a 2.5 year old son (he’ll be 3 in November)

Weight or size loss to date:  Lost 6.7 lbs and 4.5 inches

Non-scale victories: I can fit into clothes I haven’t been able to in at least 4 years!  I have more energy and feel healthy.  I’ve also had a boost in my self-confidence. Why did I decide to start a fitness program?  To be honest, it was because I split my pants at work bending over!    That was a difficult realization to me that I had changed.  I had been in denial about how I saw myself in the mirror, but this was definitely a slap in the face to get me motivated to make a change. I used to do a lot of kickboxing classes.  That’s really the only kind of cardio I ever committed to.  I’ve also done yoga and Pilates, but neither were really my forte.  I was intimidated at the thought of lifting weights, so my ignorance kept me from experimenting with that type of routine.

My best friend, who is also my sister-in-law, had joined Texas Fit Chicks in Richardson.  She motivated me to try a free class at East Carrollton and I was hooked from that point on.  I hadn’t made an effort to work out because I couldn’t find the time.  I know that’s a clich√© excuse, but having a full-time job (working 8:30-5:30) and a 2.5 year old, the only time I could do anything for myself was after he went to bed at 8:30 and by that time I was exhausted from the day.  So, to discover that working out at 5am was an option, even though getting out of bed at 4:30a.m. seemed unrealistic, I was willing to try so I could better myself. I’ve been a Fit Chick now for 10 months 10 months.

Changes that helped me improve my fitness:  I lay out my work-out attire the night before, fill my water bottle, and load my car with my weights and mat the night before so I have no excuse in the morning. I made more of an effort to cook at home vs. picking up dinner, so as to not defeat the purpose of waking up at 4:30a.m.! Luckily, I’m not a soda or tea drinker, I drink water all day, but I do love beer, so I switched my beer of choice from Corona to Michelob Ultra, which seems silly, but has made a HUGE difference! And thankfully, my husband didn’t put up a big fight on that one! I’ve also been making sandwiches for lunch at the office vs. eating freezer meals. I didn’t really think I was defeating myself with freezer meals because I was eating “the healthy ones” (i.e. Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones), but changing that habit has apparently contributed to my weight loss too.

My mom and dad notice a difference in me physically, they say I look stronger and my whole family has noticed an improvement in my overall mood and interaction with the family. They say I just seem happier. I’ve had some fellow Fit Chicks make comments about how svelte I look. I couldn’t make that one up, as I didn’t even know what that word meant! 

My husband encourages me. Just that “pat on the back” from him in the morning as I’m leaving, keeps me going…. My husband is my greatest moral support. His opinion matters greatly to me and I want to look my best for him. He’s always treated me like his queen and dealt with my weight fluctuations throughout our 18 years together! Yes, we were high school sweethearts for 11 years when we got married and we’ll be celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary in December! So he knows me for all my good and bad, and he would never shame me for my weight gain, especially after having our first child, but he knew I was unhappy. He has definitely noticed a change in my body and I would say he’s happy with the results! He tells me I’m sexy more than ever now.

My favorite healthful foods:  I like pretzels and/or pita chips with hummus, snacking on carrots with light ranch dressing and I also like greek yogurt. I love spinach salads w/ strawberries too.  

Indulgences:  I like to eat, really no matter what it is. I would say Mexican food (i.e. tacos, enchiladas, beans & rice, chips & salsa) and margaritas are definitely an indulgence of mine.

My favorite exercises:  Anything working the abs, I like to pike on the ball and I also like push-ups.  I imagine that sounds crazy, but push-ups on my toes was impossible for me for months, so getting off my knees has made me feel stronger and is one of my greatest accomplishments now.  I still can’t do very many on my toes, but just getting over that obstacle has been an extra motivation for me.  My 

Least favorite:   I hate running (I must breathe wrong because I always get a cramp in my side) and jumping because it just feels awkward (i.e. squat jumps or high knees).

Motivation:  The best thing I’ve seen posted on the TFC Facebook page is that “slow progress is progress.”  That is so true with this camp. This is not a quick fix scheme and it takes time to change your body for a more permanent lifestyle. It took me awhile to realize that for myself. I was discouraged because for months I had hit a plateau with my measurements, same weight, same inches, no physical results – even though my family noticed a difference in my mood almost immediately.  I will never forget one morning in my car after bootcamp, I was starting to cry because I felt like it was all for nothing since I wasn’t seeing any results, and one of my fellow Chicks rolled her window down and told me “Don’t give up.”  She was and still is an inspiration to me and I am forever grateful that she cared enough to make that one small comment to change my outlook and make me better!  So if anything about my story can encourage another Chick to get started or to just continue her journey, I would hope that she would know that every little bit counts, you just have to go for it!

I hope I can continue to make this fitness journey a part of my life both physically and mentally.  It is a challenge everyday and I have to push myself.  It’s become a part of who I am and I just want to make myself a stronger, healthier woman for myself and my family.

Wendy Lee
ACE-certified Personal Trainer
AFAA-certified Group Instructor
Texas Fit Chicks  

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