Monday, November 9, 2015

Chick Transformation: Mansfield East Texas Fit Chicks

December 2013-2015. Over 100 lbs. lost since giving birth to Fiona. 1 week postpartum I weighed 265 lbs. Heaviest I've been my entire life. I have worked so hard to get this far and I'm super proud of myself. I'm still not done!! #workingout #texasfitchicks

Mansfield East Texas Fit Chicks
801 Matlock rd
Mansfield Texas 76063
Mon/Tues/Thurs 5am and 7pm


Texas Fit Chicks believes that every woman should have access to a personal trainer, at an affordable price. Having a personal trainer check in on you If you miss a workout creates great accountability and will keep you on track! Voted best boot camp in N Texas in 2014, we are the leader in womens’ fitness, and have had the opportunity to train over 10,000 women in the state of Texas since 2009.

Texas Fit Chicks is much more than a great workout. Our trainers create a supportive community that is non-threatening for chicks at any fitness level! Your trainer will show each exercise at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, so everyone is working at their own pace, and we don’t EVER do distance runs (unlike many other boot camps out there).

Our team of nationally certified personal trainers are all passionate about helping women reach their goals, and we make it FUN. Our unique workouts are always different and are designed to be modified for all ages and levels of fitness. Begin with us on any Monday that you’re ready, and your first class is always FREE!


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