Monday, September 12, 2016

Fit Chick Transformation: Waco Texas Fit Chicks!!

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They say the best teachers are those who have struggled themselves. Well, I struggled alone, but you don’t have to. Check out my own transformation!

My mommy tummy is still there and I'm not yet totally ripped. But I have confidence to post a picture of myself on Facebook, in a bathing-suit. For someone who used to hide behind my kids in photographs, that is a big deal.

In 2010, my husband was diagnosed with a Chronic Illness and was hospitalized 10 times in 6 years. In that time, we had two lovely children who kept me smiling during the darkness - a big burden to carry on their sweet, little shoulders. 

Living far from family in Germany, with a husband in the hospital or sick at home, I was taking care of two children alone and working for much of the time. At the end of the day, I escaped with food, wine, and general “vegging-out”. 

I reached 180 pounds and gave my hope away along with my skinny jeans. 

But somewhere, deep down in my mommy tummy, a fighting voice told me I could be healthier and happier. 

After months of hard work, I lost over 30 pounds. My fitness levels are fantastic. 

My story is not unique. Life throws things at all of us. You women are amazing in all you do to handle it and take care of others at the same time. 

But to truly take care of others, you must first take care of yourself. Take this step for yourself and those you love. Get fit and healthy. 

Waco Texas Fit Chicks
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