Monday, January 30, 2012

20 Minute Bikini Blast Workout

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Here's a Bikini Blast Workout you can do at home!
Be sure and consult with your doctor before doing this or any other exercise program.

If you are a beginner, do the circuit one or two times with the modifications suggested. If you're a FIT chick, do as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes!

Prisoner Squats - Fingertips behind ears, core engaged, squat down until thighs are parallel to the ground, keeping chest lifted and making sure knees don't go over toes. Sink low into the squat and watch yourself in a mirror to check your form. 1 Minute

Spider Jumps - Start on floor in full push-up position. Maintain position, lunge rt foot fwd to outside of rt hand. Balancing on hands, jump feet off floor and switch them in midair, bringing left ft to outside  of left hand and extend rt leg behind you. Repeat for 20 reps total (1 rep = both sides)
For beginners, Lunge right foot fwd, and then instead of jumping, step it back to start poition. Repeat with the other leg. 10-15 reps if beginner

Roll Pop Ups - Stand with feet shoulder width apart, & arms by sides. Lower into a squat then sit down on floor, roll onto middle of back and then upper back, while maintaining a tuck position, chin towards chest (Don't roll onto neck). Using momentum, engage abs and roll forward to return to squat position, (adding a jump at the top for advanced levels). If you have to help yourself up with your hands, use both so you're not lopsided. 15 total (5-7 if beginner)

T-Pushups - In pushup position, hands under shoulders (try to do on your toes for advanced chicks) perform 1 pushup, then rotate to the rt side (pivot with your feet) bringing right arm up into the sky. Return to start, 1 pushup then repeat with left arm. You can pause at the top of the rotation and look towards your hand, then return to start. Go slowly - can also be done on knees. 20 total reps

Low Squat Jacks - Same position as the prisoner squat from above, this time, stay low and do low squat jacks, in and out. 30 total Reps (15 if you're a beginner)

Mountain Climber/Prone Jacks Combo - Starting in the push up position, bring rt knee into chest quickly, then left leg, alternating. Do 15 of those (1=both legs) then legs together, and take both feet out as if you were doing a jumpin jack on the floor (hands stay where they are) then feet back together, for 10 reps. Repeat circuit 5 times If you're a beginner, do 1/2 the number of each and repeat 2-3 times.

Wide Squats Around the Room - Facing one direction, hands on hips, chest lifted and abs engaged, take a large step out into a wide squat, then bring other leg to meet (staying low in the squat entire time). Continue facing one direction for 20 reps. Turn around, facing other direction and do the same for 20 reps. Beginners do 8-10 reps on each side.

V-Crunch - Legs are lifted straight up in the air, arms together and overhead. Doing a crunch, bring your arms towards your legs and take legs out into a V pressing hands through, then repeat. 20 reps

Bicycle Crunch - On back, elbows behind ears, knees bent, feet lifted. Bring right elbow across to meet left knee, as if you're bicycling your legs - then switch sides, bringing left elbow across to meet right knee. Don't let momentum carry you through this. Slow and controlled is key if you want these to work. 25 reps for advanced, 10-12 if beginner.

Want to share how many rounds you finished? Comment below to share!

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