Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fitness Success with Texas Fit Chicks. Stephanie shares her experience...

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"Twenty-three months ago today I gave birth to twin boys…6lbs 2 oz and 5lbs 15 oz. My stomach was over 55 inches around and I weighed ap

proximately 190 pounds. I spent 14 weeks out of 36 weeks on complete restrictive bed rest. The twins completely separated my abdominal wall from my rib cage to my pelvic bone. I spent the next six months desperately going from surgeon to surgeon trying to find a “fix” for my body. In spring 2011, I began a Couch to 5K program, determined to lose some weight. By the time I ran the 5K I was suffering severe joint pain in my wrists, elbows, back, and ankles. I could hardly walk. Twelve months ago, after months of tests, I underwent an emergency hysterectomy. I had an internal infection which had spread to my joints causing permanent arthritic damage. I truly thought I would never be physically active again. I needed steroids daily to get out of bed, and regular prescription anti-inflammatory medications to get through the day. I lived that way, believing that, until the end of April 2012, when I decided to join Texas Fit Chicks boot camp with Aimee Storm.

By the time I started boot camp I had lost 33 pounds. I weighed 147 pounds and was a solid size 8/10. There was not one defined muscle in my body. After the first session I thought I would never make it. I didn’t throw up, but I went home and laid in bed for over an hour! Getting up was hard, and I was tired. I couldn’t complete a full set of anything. I was so impressed with all of the girls. No one was perfect, and everyone worked hard. I kept coming and I kept doing the work…after 5 weeks I lost FIVE inches and 3 pounds! It was unbelievable! After 10 weeks I lost 2 more pounds and several inches. I was stronger than I had ever been. I began to complete full sets at the “advanced” level, instead of struggling through the modified sets. I finally decided to try to alter my eating. I have followed a strict diet for the past 6 weeks…Today, after 16 weeks I have lost 13 pounds and 15 inches!!!! I am a size 4! I have repaired my body on my own. I no longer have to take steroids and daily anti- inflammatory medication to get out of bed or make it through the day. I have energy I haven’t had since my teens. I am happy and healthy, and still working hard everyday to reach my goals! I am not perfect, but I will keep striving to improve. ANYONE can do this. It will be hard work in the beginning but you have to do it for yourself!!! I could not have done it without Aimee supporting me and pushing me, and of course without all of my Texas Fit Chick Boot Camp ladies!!!" - Stephanie S.

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