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Top 10 Tips to Make or break your Fitness Goals from Texas Fit Chicks trainer Aimee...

Top Ten Tips to Make it or Break your Fitness, from Texas Fit Chicks trainer Aimee...

I am excited to be able to share with you some of what I believe are basic, but fundamental tips to help you meet your weight loss or fitness goals.  These are minor tweaks to your lifestyle that could change your life forever.  

1. No Negative Talk!
This is one of my most important points, which is why I’ve made it first.  It is so cliché, but we really can do anything we set our mind to.  The word “can’t” is not allowed in my classes.  There may be “not yet”, but we can do anything we want; it’s just a matter of how bad we want it.  You have to believe that you can and that you will!  I am inspired on a daily basis by women that train with me that did not believe in themselves when they started.  Months later, not only do they whole-heartedly believe in themselves, but they also encourage others to do the same.  

2. Rest, Relax, and Recover!
If you want to lose weight, you must find the time to sleep.  When you do not get enough sleep or when you are stressed, your body increases hormones such as cortisol.  A heightened level of cortisol stands in the way of the body processing carbohydrates properly.  This leads to high blood sugar levels, which leads to high insulin levels, and insulin is what tells the body to store unused calories to fat!  Are you still with me?  

3. EAT!
Recently I had a client say, “Aimee, I don’t know what to do!  The scale isn’t moving and I’m eating hardly ANYTHING!”   I encouraged her to eat more of the right foods, and within the next month she dropped 8 pounds.  We have to eat or our metabolism will go dormant!  
Try to eat protein with every meal.  It will help preserve your muscle mass, encourage your metabolism to keep on cranking, and help you feel satisfied. Great sources of protein can be any lean meat, yogurt, cheese, nuts, or beans.  

4. Drink Water!
Drink water ALL.DAY.LONG!!  Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger, so not only will water help your body cleanse itself, and keep you energized throughout your workouts, but it will help you eat less!  Win, Win!

5. Ditch Soda (even diet)!
This is just bad, bad, bad.  If you’re drinking regular soft drinks, know that the average drink has 10 teaspoons of sugar. YES!  10 TEASPOONS!  Do you know why it has 10 teaspoons?  To cover up the taste of phosphoric acid!  Phosphoric acid is commonly used for rust removal.  It does the same thing inside your body, causing tooth decay, osteoporosis, kidney disease, and kidney stones.  We do many things that contribute to our obesity epidemic in America, but if I had the ability to change one thing, it would be to eliminate soft drinks of any kind.  

6. Burn Calories Doing What You LOVE!
The term “working out” can seem overwhelming to some people.  “Going to the gym” can be intimidating.  Just get your body moving!  If it’s walking, house work, yard work, running or playing basketball with your kids, or even private time with your partner…it ALL burns calories and you will continue doing it if you love it!

7. Accountability Partner!
No matter what your goals are, share them with someone close to you.  If you need help with nutrition, tell them that you expect them to check in on you daily, or weekly to see how you’re doing.  If you need motivation going to the gym, ask a friend to go to classes with you or walk with you.  Set alarms on your phone to remind you to eat and drink water!  Whatever it takes, stop making excuses and make it happen!

8. Short Term Goals!
Don’t make your goals too big.  It doesn’t allow for as many victories in between, and those victories are what keep us going!  If your long-term goal is to lose 100 lbs., set small goals of 10 lbs. so you can celebrate each loss!  

9. Be Prepared!
Don’t let yourself get to the point where you will eat the first thing that you see!  We all know that feeling.  I can actually get to the point that I pass eating anything, and get to the “eating sounds painful” stage.  This is SO incredibly unhealthy.  Plan what you will eat for the day.  Always have raw almonds or a protein bar in your purse.  Something that will hold you over until you can find a healthy meal.  

10. Have FUN!
Life is too short to not enjoy every bit of it.  Do things that you love, surround yourself with people that uplift you and bring the best out of you, and have the time of your life!

“Imagine That Day”

Imagine that day when you can finally say, “I did it!”  When you can say, “I never gave up, I never quit!”  Imagine that day when you win that gold medal, or reach your goal weight.  Where these moments of pain can turn into memories for the goal that you wanted to achieve.  It might take a long time to reach that moment, but as soon as you get there you will thank yourself for the rest of your life!  

Thank you for letting me share with you and I wish you the very best in your journey!

~ Aimee ~

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