Friday, May 16, 2014

#PutOnPurple in honor of Lupus Awareness

Updated: Today's The Day and we're raising awareness in A BIG WAY!!!!
When Texas Fit Chicks comes out in support of an important issue and decides to raise awareness...our chicks do it in a BIG way! Thanks to all of you for banding together to #PutOnPurple in honor of Lupus Awareness. It's already been a huge success and the day isn't even over. We'll add more pics to this post as they keep coming in! Scroll down to see all of the amazing support from Texas Fit Chicks! You rock ladies!!! 

May 12, 2014

Hi Texas Fit Chicks! We're asking all Friday camp chicks to please wear purple on Friday! ‪#‎PutOnPurple‬ in honor of Lupus Awareness!! Its National #PutOnPurple Day!

The Lonestar Chapter, which one of our amazing trainers is a part of, is trying to get media attention in the DFW area! We'd love for our chicks to help and support their efforts by simply wearing purple on Friday. Ball day + wear purple THIS FRIDAY at Texas Fit Chicks!!

National #PutOnPurple day is Friday May 16th for the Lupus Foundation of America. The Lonestar Chapter has been trying to reach out to various businesses (the Omni & Reunion Tower) and news stations/media outlets to ask their workers to wear purple on this day to help them raise awareness but so far, they've had no luck. There are over 25,000 documented cases of Lupus in the State of Texas alone!!! This Friday, show your support, wear purple to camp, and share pictures with us online and include the following hashtags to raise awareness!

‪#‎PurpleNews‬ ‪#‎LupusAwareness‬ #LupusLoneStar

Read more information about Lupus Awareness Month & The Lonestar Chapter here


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