Monday, May 12, 2014

Little Elm/N Frisco TFC Chick Transformation!

Chelsea Obinegbo
In 33 weeks (8 months) she has lost a total of 15.88 inches and 9.1 pounds. 4 inches & 4lbs of that were in just the last six weeks!!


A friend of mine had been tagged in a Texas Fit Chicks photo and it caught my attention. Mostly because I HATE when people post about their workouts. A few days prior to seeing this post, I remember saying to my husband “I don’t have time to workout. I’m at work 10 hours a day, then come home to my second job. Plus, I just had a baby.” Well the truth was, my “baby” was almost 3, and I had just had a milestone birthday. I was ready for a change. Still unsure I could commit due to my schedule, I decided to try a class and see how I liked it. That’s all it hour and I was hooked. My husband agreed to take over the evening routine 3 nights a week so I could have that hour that I needed for me. That night I enrolled in the 6 month program. Amanda assured me if I had the desire and put in the effort I could reach my goals. 

I’ve now been a Texas Fit Chicks member for 8 months, and have a FB wall full of workout posts. With the support of this group, and my husband, I’m achieving my goals…and so much more. Not only have I lost almost 10 lbs and 16 inches, I have an outlet to release my daily stress. Although this sounds VERY cliché…I’m having fun in the process. I’ve made some great friends, FUNNY memories, and most importantly, I look forward to going to class (most days). This has been such a rewarding experience for me, I highly recommend it to my friends of all fitness levels.

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Amanda Rupley
One Star Directing Trainer, PFT
Texas Fit Chicks 
7:30p-8:30p MWTh - PM CLASS
"Be the change you want to see in the world!"

What is Texas Fit Chicks? 
We create a fun environment for women to lose weight and get FIT! With over 125 camp times and locations across the state of Texas, we are the leader in womens' fitness. Our trainers are all (female) nationally certified and have a true passion for helping other women GET fit or STAY fit! Designed to be modified for all ages and levels of fitness, Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp will change the way you look at fitness and yourself! We think every woman should have access to a trainer, at an affordable price. We believe that there is no need to yell, scream or intimidate women into working out and pushing themselves. Our trainers encourage you to push to the next level in a safe and effective way. You won't ever get bored or do the same workout twice! We have many clients that have been with us since we started, in 2009. Our program is designed to dramatically change the way you look and feel in as little as 4 weeks. Our workouts and female fitness experts can help you reach your goals, in a healthy, sustainable way. Texas Fit Chicks includes a full body composition from your trainer before and after your session, and a free meal plan from a nutritionist to maximize your boot camp results. This plan includes family friendly recipes and printable grocery lists to make healthy eating simple.
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