Monday, September 7, 2015

Chick Transformation: Frisco Texas Fit Chicks

"The outfit I wore today must have been the "BOMB" because 3 people at work today had to do a double take before they realized it was me. One whistled at me, the other wanted to know what I've been doing and the third had just said how great I look. I even heard two of them continue to talk about when they got on the elevator. Plus, my husband sent me a text this morning telling me how great I looked and that all my hard work was paying off. So here I am 1 yr later, 30 pounds lighter, down 3 clothing sizes and the thing I'm most proud of is my cholesterol and triglycerides are down and are in the normal range! I was very close to being medicated for high cholesterol last year, but I turned it around with exercise and diet. Looks are one thing, but the improvement in my health is such a huge accomplishment. What a difference a year can make! Pictures don't lie. "  - Jennifer, Frisco TX

All the Best,
Amanda Rupley
Two Star Directing Trainer, PFT
Texas Fit Chicks 
6:30p & 7:30p MWTh
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