Thursday, November 15, 2012

7 Day Challenge...are you In??

The obesity rate in America is sky high. After a recent visit to the hospital, I could not believe how things have changed. The chairs are huge. Basically a small bench. The wheel chairs are wide enough for two. There has had to be an adaptation in medical facilities to accommodate our growing waistlines. Things have got to change.

It seems like eating is now an event in our country, rather than a way to nourish our bodies. Not only are there restaurants on every corner, but nine times out of ten the portion sizes for one meal are unbelievably large. It is very difficult to eat well when eating out. If weight loss is your goal, limit your restaurant outings to one a week if possible...even if something looks or sounds healthy, it is probably loaded with calories and fat that will derail your efforts.

I am sure everyone reading this drives a car. The complexity of what goes on under the hood and makes the car run efficiently is beyond me. I have no idea how it all works (nor do I care to :) I just want it to turn on when I start it!). But let me ask you this: Would you put sugar or some other substance in the tank and expect it to run? Would you put in 1/2 gas and fill the rest with water? Of course not. If you did, you would probably ruin the engine and the car wouldn't run correctly.

How much more complex are our bodies, yet we treat them as if they can handle the junk we put in them, and then expect them to work properly. It just doesn't happen. If you wouldn't think of destroying your engine in a vehicle, why do we trash our bodies through poor nutrition, without thinking twice? Your body don't have a fighting chance to run properly without taking care of it by giving it what it needs.

So - here's the challenge. For the next 7 days, I want you to change the way you think about food. I want you to look at it as nothing more than FUEL that will allow your system to function the way it's intended to. Don't let it be about taste. Although if you stick to good nutrition for a while, the junk will begin to taste bad and you will crave the good stuff. I promise! But for the next 7 days, it's fuel. Let yourself eat every 3 hrs. Incorporate fresh fruits, fresh veggies, boneless skinless chicken breast, ground lean turkey as a substitute for meat, raw and unsalted almonds, hard boiled egg whites, etc. Stay away from sugar, processed foods, go for whole grain, etc. I have many recipe and snack ideas - just leave a comment to get some more suggestions

If you currently have a diet that's high in sugar, processed foods, high carbohydrate (not complex carbs but the highly processed ones) and fatty foods, expect for day 3 to be tough. You can get through this. Day 1 you will be pumped and ready for it. Day 2 might be a little more difficult but Day 3 is going to take determination most likely. Push through it. Drink LOTS of water throughout each day. You will start to feel better and have more energy around day 5-6. If you need to plan to eat a hamburger on day 8 do it, but you may not like the way it feels afterwards.

Don't look at this as deprivation or something to dread. Imagine having more energy through the day and doing away with the dips in blood sugar that give you that crashing feeling. Imagine sleeping better and feeling lighter, and maybe losing a couple of pounds in the process!

It's just one week out of 52. You can do it!

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  1. Psyched... I have already started doing this. I just need more snack options and also a few more ways for me to get water in my system... The bootcamp and this blog, rock my socks off... Down 4lbs already! :)

  2. Congrats...hope it's continued for you! If you don't like plain ole' water, add lemon - or better yet - fresh sliced cucumber. It will add flavor, and encourage you to keep drinking :)
    Snacks can also include:
    Sugar free jello
    Mozzarella string cheese
    handful of peanuts
    Greek yogurt with frozen berries
    ripe banana with peanut (or better yet almond) butter
    Hope that helps!! Good luck on your journey