Friday, November 2, 2012

"Fun Size" Post-Halloween Workout

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If you feel like you over-indulged in Halloween candy this week - here's a quick workout from Texas Fit Chicks to help burn it off!

Workout challenge- ready girls! Complete 2 rounds and post your start time and end time!
-15 burpees
-15 pushups
-30 high knees ...
-30 bridges (lie on back, lift booty up and down never resting, put weight in your heels and squeeze glutes)
-30 mountain climbers (15 each leg)
-30 walking lunges with rear leg lift (15 each leg)
-15 tuck jumps 
-30 jumping jacks
-15 wide leg squats
-30 low plank obliques (15 ea leg, on forearms bring knee up to elbow alternating legs)
-30 reverse crunches
-15 dive bomber push ups
 -30 jack squats
-30 speed skaters
-30 squats -Hold a plank for 1 minute **you're done! Repeat 1 more Time!** Post your start and end time then repeat as many times as you'd like for a higher calorie burn! Have fun!! 

comment below with your time! 


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