Friday, December 20, 2013

College Station Texas Fit Chicks Trainers At Home Workout!


Boot Camp Fat Burning Workout

Warm up-15 jumping jacks-30 seconds high knees-30 seconds booty kicks-10 arm circles forwards and backwards-2 glute stretches (pull knee up to chest and hold no more than 2 seconds) and 2 quad stretches (pull foot to bring heel up to booty-make sure to grab foot with opposite hand and hold no more than 2 seconds) on both legs-shake out anything else you might need to before getting started.

Giant Set #1:
15 burpees
15 regular push ups (to modify do push ups with knees down)
50 mountain climbers (right leg then left leg = 1)
Run the length of parking lot/living room/hallway 3 times (down and back = 1)

Giant Set #2:
15 plie squat + upright row (wide feet and toes turned out-make sure knees do not go over toes and keep back flat-squat down until booty is parallel with knees-on the way up bring the weights straight up to chin with elbows out to sides and lower down-repeat)
15 squat jumps (to modify omit the jump and raise up on toes and reach arms up to sky)
15 bench/chair/curb dips (to modify bend knees)
Run the length of parking lot/living room/hallway 2 times (down and back = 1)
--FAST WATER BREAK (less than 30 seconds)--

Giant Set #3:
30 seconds double toe touches (in a plank position step with left foot to the left of body-bring right foot over to meet it-step with right foot to right side of body and bring left foot to meet it-repeat for time)
15 bent over rows (keep back flat and squeeze shoulder blades together)
15 weighted walking lunges forwards, 15 weighted walking lunges backwards (right leg then left leg = 1)
Run the length of parking lot/living room/hallway 1 time (down and back = 1)

Giant Set #4:
1 set of 21’s (7 top ½ bicep curls 7 bottom ½ bicep curls, 7 full out bicep curls) (start w/weights at sides-keeping elbows locked at sides and tummy tight curl the weight halfway up-repeat 7-start w/weights at half-way position and curl up as high as possible w/out moving elbows from sides of body-repeat 7-start w/weights at sides and curl all the way up and back down-repeat 7)
20 squat + side leg lift (right leg then left leg = 2) (stand with feet shoulder width apart w/hands behind head-do a squat (keeping tummy tight and knees behind toes)-return to stand and lift right leg directly out to the side-lower down to start-next time lift left leg out to the side-alternate for 20 reps)
1 minute curb run (level 3 (hardest)-both feet at the same time jump up to top of curb and down; level 2-right foot up on curb and left foot on the ground-jump and switch to have left foot on curb and right foot on ground-alternate for time; level 1-step up right foot then left and step down right foot then left-alternate sides for time)-you choose which level you want to do but push yourself!
--FAST WATER BREAK (less than 30 seconds)--

Repeat Giant Sets 1-4 for three total rounds before doing Tabatas!

TABATA #1: Strength
1-First 20 seconds-weighted reverse lunges (keep tummy tight and make sure front knee does not go past toes)-Rest 10 seconds
2-Second 20 seconds-squat + shoulder press (stand with feet shoulder-width-apart w/weights at shoulder height-do a squat and on the way up press weights straight up to the sky and bring weights down to shoulder height as you do the next squat)-Rest 10 seconds
Alternate 1 and 2 for 8 rounds
--FAST WATER BREAK (less than 30 seconds)--

TABATA #2: Cardio + Abs
1-First 20 seconds-jumping jacks or high knees or butt kicks-Rest 10 seconds
2-Second 20 seconds-bicycle crunches-Rest 10 seconds
Alternate 1 and 2 for 8 rounds

Booty Burner:
15 fire hydrants on right leg-15 fire hydrants on left leg (Repeat on both legs)

Cool down for at least 5 minutes more if you’re feeling super tight and tired.

Workout brought to you by Teresa, trainer at College Station Texas Fit Chicks

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