Monday, December 16, 2013

We Welcome NEW TFC Locations: Greenville & Sherman!


Sherman Texas Fit Chicks
3304 Coit Road Plano, TX 75023

Camp Hours
Camp times are MTTH at 7:45pm

Greenville Morning Texas Fit Chicks
Dance Prodigy Studios
2824 Terrell Rd #306
Greenville Tx 75402

Camp Hours
Camp times are MTTH at 5am

What to Bring
Exercise mat
Dumbbells (5 – 8 lbs)
Stability Ball (on Fridays)
Water & Sweat Towel

I played sports, and ran growing up and never struggled with weight until I had my first child. After I had my daughter I gained 70 lbs, I felt and looked disgusting and knew I had to do something, I joined with Texas Fit Chicks in 2010 with Melody, at first it was a struggle, I wanted to see results right away, but I knew that wouldn't happen. I would stop going here and there, and then one day I finally said thats it I am sticking to this,so thats what I did and fell in love with the way I felt and looked. I quit with Texas Fit Chicks when Melody decided to pass her class off. I started to train on my own, and decided to become certified so I could help other woman achieve their healthy goal.

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