Saturday, December 21, 2013

Healthy Snack favorites from Texas Fit Chicks Trainers

Have you noticed that you are more hungry after your workout at  bootcamp? When you add in weight lifting (especially for a beginner), you will be hungry, often! Since keeping your metabolism running throughout the day is important, healthy snacking is critical to weight loss. Want to know what Texas Fit Chick Trainers are snacking on? We've combined some of our trainers' favorite healthy and quick snacks for you right here....

Greek yogurt w/ blueberries & honey
Hummus & crackers
Pirates Booty
Peanut butter & jelly on a bagel
Low Sodium Cheese Stick plus 1/2 apple. 
Reducted fat cottage cheese and sliced strawberries
Vanilla whey protein shake with 1 tsp sugar free Swisse mocha International coffee and/or 1 tsp PB2 (yum!) mixes with water and ice.
Shakeology chocolate protein shake straight up, water and ice.
Shakeology green berry protein shake with 1/4 cup frozen berries (no sugar added) mixed with water.
100 calorie pack cocoa roasted almonds with a small gala apple.
Turkey/cheese roll up with fresh organic spinach rolled in the middle and a squirt of spicy brown mustard.
Boiled egg whites
1/2 cup cottage cheese
diced tomatoes
chopped cucumbers w/ 1T balsamic vinaigrette
sprinkled with sunflower seeds or pine nuts (about a tsp)
mix and enjoy!
1 T almond butter
1 large fresh date
1 low sodium rice cake
Top rice cake with almond butter and chopped date.
Hummus and veggies
Sliced banana and apple butter rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla
Stoneground round wheat crackers, light Laughing Cow Swiss cheese and grapes

Naan (bread) sliced in half, spread cream cheese on each slice, layer with turkey and cucumbers with a little sea salt.
Fresh Snap peas with walden farms balsamic dressing
Lite cool whip, 1 sf strawberry jello with light drizzle of hard shell heath topping. (Hard shell topping hardens and makes it sweet n' crunchy)
Green apple / almond butter
Plain greek yogurt / fresh fruit
Handful of roasted almonds
Cucumber / hummus
Dannon light & Fit Vanilla Yogurt w/ 15 raw, unsalted almonds
String Cheese
Chocolate Shakeology Shake w/ 15 raw unsalted almonds
94% Fat Free Kettle Corn PopCorn
Organic Red Delicious Apple

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