Saturday, December 21, 2013

You can't outrun your fork!

The old saying is true....You are what you eat!

  • Drink Plenty of water... at least 64 oz - I shoot for 90 each day
  • Plan Ahead. So critical - Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail!
  • Eat 5 small meals a day - every 3 hrs - around 250-300 calories per meal
  • Each meal, eat a balance of lean proteins and healthy carbs - be sure to have veggies with at least 2 of your meals
  • A serving size of protein should be able to fit in your hand. Serving of carbs is size of your fist - veggies sz of a sm cereal bowl
  • You CAN overeat on the right foods, so pay attention to the size of your portions
  • Certain fruits are high in sugar. Lowest sugar fruits are: apples, berries and pears. Next lowest in sugar are grapefruit, cantaloupe, oranges, plums and nectarines. Grapes are high in sugar - and ripe bananas as well.
  • For weight loss, try to limit your breads, pastas, etc. after 3pm. Give your body time to burn it off during the day.
  • Protein bars or shakes are a great substitute for one of your meals if you're on the go - be sure to check the sugar content of the bar - you want less than 10g - you want one that's high in protein as well.
  • Be sure and eat within 1 hr of your workout - protein plus complex carbs to assist in your muscle repair. I like to make that a protein shake.Take one day or one meal as a "free day" :)
  • If you would like to calculate your food your food totals, the website has nutritional values for thousands of foods.
  • Here are your daily goals for weight loss:Protein 85-100gFat 30-35gCarbs 100-150g
  • Calories 1300-1400
Here is a list of Proteins, Carbs and Veggies. Choose a portion of protein and carbs from each column to make a meal.
Proteins: Chicken Breast - Turkey Breast - Lean ground Turkey - Salmon - Tuna - Crab - Lobster - Shrimp - Top Round Steak - Top Sirloin Steak - Lean Ground Beef - Lean Ham - Egg Whites or egg white beaters - LowFat Cottage Cheese - Orange Roughy
Carbohydrates:Sweet Potato - squash - steamed brown rice - steamed wild rice - oatmeal - barley - beans - corn - strawberries - melon - apple - fat-free yogurt - whole wheat bread - yams - pumpkin
Vegetables: Brocolli - asparagus - lettuce - carrots - cauliflower - green beans - green peppers - mushrooms - spinach - tomato - peas - brussel sprouts - artichoke - cabbage - celery - zucchini - cucumber - onion

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