Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Texas Fit Chicks I Miss Boot Camp Workout

For each letter in “I Miss Boot Camp” you will do one exercise as described below.  While there is no substitute for your boot camp experience, this is a great workout that will get you sweaty and feeling STRONG!  So turn up the music and WORK IT!

Warm Up for 5-7 minutes

IYTWO Back Extension: lay down on stomach, arms extended overhead, legs extended back – keep them together and squeeze the booty throughout the set: 
  • lift arms and legs in “I” position – hold for 3 seconds then down
  • bring arms out to make a “Y” (thumbs up) – lift and hold for 3 seconds then down
  • bring arms to a “T” (palms down) – lift and hold for 3 seconds then down
  • bend arms bringing elbows to ribs making a “W” - lift and hold for 3 seconds then down
  • rotate arms bringing back of hands to low back to make an “O” - lift and hold for 3 seconds then down
  • Repeat series 5x

Manmakers: (this can be done with or without weights) start standing, drop to floor hands in front of feet, step/jump back to plank, pushup, row R arm up, pushup, row L arm up, walk/jump feet to hands, stand/jump up – that’s 1 rep.  Repeat 10x 

Inchworm: bring hands to floor, walk out to full plank (knees off the mat), walk feet to hands, stand up; repeat 10x

Squat to Upright Row: wide squat w/ toes out and weights in front of legs, stand up and bring weights up to collarbone/elbows out; repeat 15x

Side plank:  hold each side for 30 seconds; repeat each side for 20 seconds; repeat each side for 10 secs

Belly Buster Ladder:  10 crunches, 10 twists (right and left = 1); repeat but with 9 crunches, 9 twists; then 8/8, 7/7, etc…all the way down to 1/1

Overhead press with calf raise:  feet under hips/weights at collarbone – heel raise as you press weights overhead, then return; repeat 15x

Overhead Triceps extension in static split leg squat:  Split leg squat position with R foot forward/L leg back, bring arms overhead with one weight in hands/elbows close to the head – drop into the split leg squat and hold as you bend the elbows bringing weight behind the head, stay in the lunge as you return arms to start; repeat 10x, then switch leg stance and do again 10x (make sure to keep the elbows next to the head)

Tabata:  Pick your favorite exercise from pushups, squats to calf raise/squat jumps, or burpees; do it for 20 seconds, then 10 seconds rest; repeat 8x (it helps if you download a tabata timer app but you can do this with a regular timer too)

Challenge Plank:  How long can you hold a full plank (knees off the ground/hands under shoulders)?  Time yourself and don’t give up! 

Alternating Front Lunges: Weights at sides, alternate stepping foot forward and drop down into lunge, then return to standing, repeat with other leg – that’s one rep; repeat 10x total

Moving Squats: Weights at collarbone/feet together – step out to R and drop down into a wide squat, stand up bringing L leg to R (squeeze inner thighs!); repeat to R 3x (that’s 1 rep) then move to L 3x (that’s #2) – 10 reps (5 each direction)

Pushups 20x 

Repeat entire sequence 3x

Cool down for 7-10 minutes, make sure you really stretch well! 

(I miss you all too….)

Heather Paul, CPT
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