Sunday, April 20, 2014

#1 Way to Flatten your abs PLUS exercises to target lower abs

I've always had issues with my lower abs. They just don't look the same after having 3 kids. It didn't help that I had 3 C-sections! I would argue that for most women, it's probably one of the most difficult places to firm up. Sometimes if you've got excess skin, there just won't be a way to completely be rid of it all, but there are definitely ways to  tighten things up. 

The number one thing you can do to flatten that area is to keep your diet clean. Sorry, there's not a magic exercise (although the routine below will target that area) and there's not a magic pill, but eating well 90% of the time and indulging just 10% of the time will get you results! How bad do you want it? If you are willing to make a few changes throughout the week and build on those, you can quickly change your body - and more importantly - how you feel! Here are a few quick tips on getting on a clean eating track....Eating out is extremely difficult when you're trying to change your habits. You have no idea how they really prepared the food, and very few restaurants offer 'clean' meals. If you can prepare your own food for the first couple of weeks, and eat out as little as possible, that will help tremendously. 

Say no to sugar for a week. Analyze the food labels and if it's got more than 11g per serving, nix it. Avoid cream-based salad dressings. A perfectly healthy salad can quickly become more fattening than a cheeseburger when you top with ranch, croutons, cheese....etc. Eliminate alcohol. That will quickly undo the work you've done if you finish the day with a couple of glasses of wine. Check out the calorie content in the number of oz you are drinking, and relate that to a twinkie. Would you eat a twinkie right before bed? Probably not - but your body doesn't know the difference between drinking your calories and eating them :)

Here is a workout routine that will really target those hard-to-reach lower abs. If you're a beginner, do 1 set of each 10-15 reps. Intermediate will do 2 sets of each movement and up the reps to 20-30. Advanced girls do 3 sets of each with up to 50 reps. 

Toe-to-Sky Hip Raise - Lying on a mat, keep hands out on either side for balance and stability, legs vertical and together. Keeping legs vertical throughout, lift hips off mat slowly, then back down. 

Oblique Crunch w/ Elevated Legs - You can use your couch for this one, place legs on top of couch, keeping quads in a vertical position. As you bring your shoulders off the ground, twist to the right and on the next rep, twist toward the left. 

Knee Tuck - If you have a bench or an ottoman you can use that for this next exercise. Lean back, holding the back of the bench - legs straight out. Bring your bent knees up to your chest and repeat

Reverse Crunch - Lying on the bench, hands behind your head holding on for stability. Start with toes touching the floor. Keep your knees bent throughout the movement - allow your toes to lightly tap the floor on the downward move. 

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