Monday, September 23, 2013



I have been so blessed to be able to watch women change their lives each month through fitness for the past 4 years. We have several amazing women who are now our chicks turned trainers! These ladies started as TFC chicks and found a love for fitness they did not know they had. Through our brand new "Chick Turned Trainer" blog series we will share their inspiring stories with you. We hope you enjoy! ~Melody

After years of being obese, all it took was a gift of a Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp, and my life was changed. My fitness journey started as a TFC client in February 2011. After training with Melody and LeighAnne I found out that the passion that I have always had to motivate and encourage others could be carried out as a Personal Trainer. What a win, win for me! Inspire and motivate other women, have accountability to always maintain a healthy lifestyle, AND work out? Where do I sign up?! I was certified in August 2011, and started teaching my own class the following September. Since then, I have quit my corporate job and help other women achieve their goals full time! Being a Personal Trainer inspires me every day. My girls make me proud, make me laugh, and remind me every day that hard work pays off! Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle definition, or maintain a healthy lifestyle, I would blessed to be a part of it. We''re granted one body, and life is too short not to take care of it.  



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