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I have been so blessed to be able to watch women change their lives each month through fitness for the past 4 years. We have several amazing women who are now our chicks turned trainers! These ladies started as TFC chicks and found a love for fitness they did not know they had. Through our brand new "Chick Turned Trainer" blog series we will share their inspiring stories with you. We hope you enjoy! ~Melody

It’s amazing what two years can bring to you. Two years ago I was just starting with TFC as a bootcamper. Now I am about to celebrate my 1 year anniversary of opening my Texas Fit Chicks East Plano Los Rios location!

When I first started with TFC I was unhealthy, overweight and had little self-confidence. After struggling my first few months, I really took to heart what TFC was! It was MY time; it was time for me to have for myself, to improve myself. As a mother and a wife, I seemed to put my needs last, always putting others first…my kids, my husband, my parents, anyone but me! In late December of 2011 I had one of those days that I felt that I HAD to put someone else’s needs in front of me and I skipped another workout. I was upset at myself for once again putting myself last, and then I received a call from my TFC trainer. I will say that I was introduced to TFC through this trainer because we were friends. She called me asking why I was not at class. While explaining to her that I once again put someone else’s needs in front of my mine, I broke down. 
That was my light bulb moment! After that I made a point to not miss class unless there was NO other way around it. Within a few weeks TFC introduced the Transformation Diet (which is the meal plan you receive when you sign up). This diet helped me to discover how I should be eating. I thought I ate well because I followed a Vegan diet; however that was not the case. After 1 month of following the diet, I lost a little more than 8% of my body weight … in ONE month! Everything was clicking, I was giving 100% at camp, I was eating better than I ever had been, I was exercising on my ‘off’ days. I was seeing a change in ME! I was happy, getting my self-confidence back, I was enjoying my family even more. Not only did I see and feel it but so did my husband and kids. My family and friends started to notice and ask what I was doing. I loved my new found love to life! 
By April, I decided that I really wanted to help others achieve their goals. I knew that I still needed to improve myself more, BUT I had it in my head that I wanted to become a TFC trainer. Not only did I want to help other ladies achieve their goals, I wanted to join this group of ladies that helped me achieve my goals. I wanted to become part of the TFC culture as a trainer and motivator!
In May I registered for my certification and started studying. In July I took my test and passed. By August I had secured a location and got set up to start my location in October. On October 1, 2012 I started my class. I have now been on this new journey for almost a year and I am amazed by it daily! I get the opportunity to lead 2 classes of wonderful, strong, amazing women. I am lucky to be their trainer! I wanted to do this to help women achieve their goals (no matter what they are), but once again I am floored by how much I have grown and how I have developed some amazing friendships with my chicks! TFC is not just a bootcamp, to me TFC is a way of life! We are healthy, fit, strong, encouraging, uplifting, motivating, transforming, driven, and fun group of women. We are here to help you with your fitness journey no matter where in your journey you are! Texas Fit Chicks gave me back my life and I thank Melody for that!   

What TFC Has Done For Me…From One Inspired Husband

Every day I’m truly thankful to be married such an amazing woman. I’m also very thankful that she found TFC a couple of years ago. My wife is Danyelle Becker and she’s the trainer for the East Plano Los Rios TFC location. Her journey to get to this point started many years ago. My wife and I met in high school and have been together ever since. We got married several years later and had twin boys over 5 years ago. We’ve been together for nearly 17 years (married 12 of those). Needless to say, we’ve been through a lot together.

Over the years, she started to gain weight and began to slowly lose self-confidence. This naturally put an underlying strain on our relationship. It was something very difficult to discuss, and painful to think about and live with for so long. She tried all sort of things to lose weight, but nothing worked. This pattern went on for over 10 years. Everything changed when Danyelle met Leigh Ann Gilbert and was introduced to TFC. 

Leigh Ann is an amazing trainer who teaches at the McKinney Crosspoint TFC location. They met around 3 years ago through our kids school. I am so thankful they did since our lives were forever changed once they connected. For those that don’t know Leigh Ann, she is the epitome of what a great trainer should be…someone who can motivate you, hold you accountable, and really kick your butt into shape! After a few months of subtle convincing Leigh Ann got Danyelle to try out a TFC class. 

She liked the first class and stuck with it. It was slow going for a few months until ‘the moment’ happened. One day in late 2011, Danyelle was talking with Leigh Ann and getting down on herself about not seeing the results she wanted. Leigh Ann says to her ‘What can you do to change? No more excuses.’ For whatever reason, those words really changed something in Danyelle’s head. She suddenly realized that if she wanted to change, she was the only person that could do it. TFC and Leigh Ann provided the opportunity for change, but it was up to her to work it. To me, this aha moment was like a spark. Every person has this energy inside of them. All that’s needed sometimes is for someone to give you that spark to ignite it. 

I view Leigh Ann and TFC as the spark that got into Danyelle’s head. After that moment, everything changed for the better. She began to eat better, work out harder, feel better, look better, smile more…you name it. She got so into the TFC program and lifestyle that she became a trainer herself. She took the steps to accomplish her goals and now her business is really starting to grow. It’s amazing to see the number of chicks Danyelle has inspired herself. I know of one boot camper turned trainer Danni (Melissa location) who started TFC after seeing Danyelle’s before and after photo and reading her success story. During the course of all of this, Danyelle has lost nearly 70 pounds, has become a certified trainer and is building a thriving TFC business. She has also done one other thing…inspire me to become a better person physically, mentally and emotionally. 

I wasn’t blessed with the big guy gene, so I’ve been small and scrawny most of my life. After seeing Danyelle’s transform firsthand, something changed mentally for me as well. I started working out with a lot more intensity on a daily basis. I’ve been going to the gym 6 days a week for months now and have no plans to stop any time soon. I’m in the process of transforming myself and it’s an awesome feeling! I’ve put on 10 pounds of muscle in the past year with the goal of adding 10 more. It will take a lot of time and hard work but I know it can be done. Danyelle proved to me that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. My self-confidence has gone up tremendously and I’m genuinely happier than I have ever been. Danyelle was and still is my inspiration. I have to keep up with her! Without TFC, none of this would have happened. Odds are, Danyelle and I would still be the same people we were a couple of years ago. The impact TFC and Leigh Ann have had on our family is immense and cannot be understated. I have never taken a TFC class, but I strongly feel that without TFC I would not be who I am today.


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