Friday, September 20, 2013

College Station Texas Fit Chicks Weekend Workout!

Start with a good warm up-jog around your neighborhood or the house, arm circles w/both arms, high knees for 10, butt kicks for 10, walking quad stretch (grab w/opposite hand) for 4-6, walking glute stretch (pull knee into chest) for 4-6 counts

grab your weights:
15 lateral raise (standing tall w/weights in hands lift weights directly to the side until they are parallel with your shoulders then return to start)
15 front raise w/static hold combo (standing tall lift weights directly in front of you until they are parallel w/shoulders and hold for 3 seconds then return to start)
25 jumping jacks
20 superman alternating (on stomach lift all limbs off floor-alternate lifting opposite arm/leg off floor and return back to start-arms and legs should NEVER touch the floor)
20 alternating toe touch (abs) (lay on back with arms stretched overhead and legs stretched out-lift right leg to meet hands up high and return to start-lift left leg to meet hands up high and back to start) (try to keep arms and legs off the floor the whole time) (count for 20 total-10 each side)
25 jumping jacks
15 dumbbell squat (dumbbells on shoulders and squat nice and low w/knees behind heels and chest up and return to start-contract glutes on the way up, especially at the top)
12 twisting push up (push up and open body up to the side to make a "t" and return to push position-go on knees if necessary)
25 jumping jacks
20 prisoner pause squats (hands behind head lower down into a deep squat and pulse down 3 times and return to start-keep chest and eyes up and squeeze glutes at the top of the movement)
25 jumping jacks

Booty Burner 
30 seconds each exercise on one leg then repeat w/other leg
-bridge w/single leg lifts (get in a bridge position with knees bent and lift one leg to the ceiling and raise it up and down)
-bridge w/single leg pulses (same position as before but pulse same foot up and down-small movements)
-bridge straight leg raises (in a bridge position-straighten same leg up to ceiling and lower it straight until it’s close to the ground and return to top)
-side plank forward prisoner circles (side plank on hands with bottom knee on floor-straighten top leg and lift and make small forward circles with your leg)
-side plank backward prisoner circles (same as before except backwards circles
place dumbbell behind knee:
-elbow plank reverse lifts (on all fours-place dumbbell behind knee-lift heel straight up towards ceiling and back down)
-elbow plank reverse lift pulses (same as before but small pulses)
-firehydrants (on all fours-lift knee to the side while squeezing dumbbell with leg)

exhale on the way up on each exercise

keep core tight (don't let belly sag)


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