Monday, September 23, 2013


I have been so blessed to be able to watch women change their lives each month through fitness for the past 4 years. We have several amazing women who are now our chicks turned trainers! These ladies started as TFC chicks and found a love for fitness they did not know they had. Through our brand new "Chick Turned Trainer" blog series we will share their inspiring stories with you. We hope you enjoy! ~Melody

As a mom of two young children, working full time, with a husband who also works full time and takes evening college courses, I found there was very little time for me. Then the day came in September, 2012 when I decided to quit making excuses and start making changes! So I did my research and decided TFC had an awesome program. I told myself I can do anything for 4 Mondays, I am going to go to bootcamp and get myself back in the routine and lose this baby weight. After starting and being motivated by such a unique program, I could not stop and now I am a TRAINER! Being a part of TFC is something you really don't understand the full value of, until you join! I can't imagine my weeks without my TFC Friends! NOW I am honored to say, I am blessed to spend my mornings motivating & encouranging an OUTSTANDING group of ladies! It's an up-beat, fun environment and it helps us all become stronger, healthier and more fit. It is an amazing Life Changing Event .... working out with women of all ages, stages, shapes and sizes but one thing in common: the desire to be more healthy and fit. The camaraderie and accountability you get with Texas Fit Chicks makes joining PRICELESS!


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