Monday, September 23, 2013


I have been so blessed to be able to watch women change their lives each month through fitness for the past 4 years. We have several amazing women who are now our chicks turned trainers! These ladies started as TFC chicks and found a love for fitness they did not know they had. Through our brand new "Chick Turned Trainer" blog series we will share their inspiring stories with you. We hope you enjoy! ~Melody

My Journey started last year in the fall of 2012 with Anna Texas Fit Chicks. One night I was looking online/FB and was looking for ideas of things to do to get into shape/exercise and I came across Texas Fit Chicks Boot Camp and I was like "YES!" I immediately signed up, the trainer Trina, emailed me right away and I flooded her with questions, my struggles, my hopes, MY STORY of fighting lifelong weight issues that was holding me back from fully being HAPPY & HEALTHY. Then it began there. I signed up for 4 wks the 1st round, then 3 months, and then 6 months & I called it my extra "gym membership". I was hooked since 1st week! And never wanted to miss a class. The women, camaraderie support, fun & sweaty workouts is EXACTLY what I was l looking for & desperately needed. I gained tons of unforgettable friendships through TFC, met some incredible STRONG women that I would had never met if us wasn't for TFC, and my confidence, marriage, attitude and self value had the biggest TRANSFORMATION besides my physical appearance. My doctor even did the "HAPPY DANCE" in his office after seeing me, my weight, and my blood work after 7 months being with TFC. He said "WOW your BOOT CAMP workouts have done this for you? KEEP IT UP GIRL!" I have gone from size 18Wide to size 10/12 in less than year and learned to EAT healthy, & truly EAT to fuel my workouts.

The TFC Boot Camp culture & trainers gave me hope,confidence and the courage to become a certified personal trainer and to start my own TFC Boot Camp class in Melissa TX. My boot camp started in the beginning of September and I honestly can't wait to see how TFC will make an impact on the CHICKs of Melissa like it did for me! I'm living my DREAM of following my new found PASSION of getting FIT, STRONG & HEALTHY and teaching other WOMEN to do the same!
Thank you Melody, Trina and Texas Fit Chicks for letting me be apart of this WONDERFUL JOURNEY!



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