Friday, September 20, 2013

CHICK TURNED TRAINER: Jeannie Holehan Holm


I have been so blessed to be able to watch women change their lives each month through fitness for the past 4 years. We have several amazing women who are now our chicks turned trainers! These ladies started as TFC chicks and found a love for fitness they did not know they had. Through our brand new "Chick Turned Trainer" blog series we will share their inspiring stories with you. We hope you enjoy! ~Melody

TFC has truly changed me. Physically and mentally. I get to do something I love to do and not something that just pays the bills. I started boot camp with TFC after trying 2 different personal trainers after I had my 2nd baby at almost 40 years old. It was so hard losing those almost 50 pounds that I gained on my almost 5'2" body. The first personal trainer was ok…the 2nd one, almost ok. I had trainers before but for some reason, I wasn't inspired. Them saying do a push up and me saying many? 
Then, I went into Run On one day to get some running shoes and I saw the fliers out for TFC. I grabbed one thinking I'd look into it more. I kept going on with my training and my running, but I didn't love it. I had pinned the TFC flier to my cork board on my fridge and one day decided to finally look into it. I called and got some info and then as one of those New Year's Resolutions, I signed up and never looked back. I did the 5:00 AM boot camp every day for almost a year. Then, I saw random Facebook posts about interested trainers for TFC. I thought that would be awesome but I can't do that…I'm too old…I have too much to do…I'll never have the time to study….My brain will never keep track of all that info needed to pass the certification test. 
I had actually started my ACE Group Fitness certification a few years prior but never got to finish because of LIFE. I had thought I'd get my yoga certification and open a studio. But, a divorce, single mom status, moving, job, new marriage and new baby…whew! So, after talking myself out of it…I did it on a whim. And, it truly makes me a better person. I smile more. I'm less stressed. I'm HAPPY. I LOVE being there at 5:00 and 6:00 am to get my Chicks going. I have a day job that I do for security….but, what drives me is being able to do what LeighAnne did for me. I get to provide them with the a butt kicking work out that will keep them going. It's not just the workout. It's the fact that they are making time for themselves. And, they have to make that time at the break of dawn before their families are awake. That motivates me and wants me to ensure that one hour that they get to focus on them…not the kids or the job or the family tasks…is exactly what they needed. 
They get to focus on their health and fitness and mind and I want to make it as close to perfect for them as I possibly can. I want them to see how much they've improved. And, be proud of themselves. And, its sooo good for me, too. I get to watch them progress. I'm amazed at my clients that barely moved their knees to do a squat and now they get that booty LOW! And, those triceps push ups…seriously mad skills from my Chicks when they wanted to quit on their first day. All in all…I am so incredibly lucky that I got to be a client and have one of our amazing TFC Trainers get me into shape and then turn around and get to do something that I absolutely love to do and had been working towards for years. Thank you Melody and LeighAnne for allowing me such an awesome opportunity. I just want to pay it forward and hopefully be as inspiring and motivating as I can.


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