Friday, September 20, 2013

Introducing New Camp: Clear Lake Texas Fit Chicks!!


Location - Clear Lake Park 5001 E NASA Pkwy, Seabrook, TX 77586
Phone number: 281-222-5209
Camp Times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 5:30am-6:30am
Free Preview Week: 9/30-10/3
Camp Launch: 10/7

We will meet in the main parking lot at the entrance of Clear Lake Park off E Nasa Pkwy. In case of rain, we will be under the big awning, located near the playground. The Park is on the water side of Nasa Pkwy between 45 and 146.

What to Bring

You will need to bring a yoga/exercise mat, a water bottle, small towel, and a pair of dumbbells/hand weights. Please bring weights that you will be comfortable using. Anywhere from 5lbs for beginners to 10lbs for the more advanced is a good place to start. Every Thursday will be exercise ball day, so you will need to bring an exercise/stability ball with you this day. All of this equipment can be found at Wal-Mart, Target, Academy, Sports Authority, or any other sporting goods store. Make sure you select your equipment based on your own needs. The stability ball should be the proper size, the box will help you select the correct size based on your height.

Also, be sure to wear comfortable, work-out attire and supportive tennis shoes.

Hi, future fit chicks! My name is Sydney Parker and I'm beyond excited to launch my 
Clear Lake Texas Fit Chicks
I'm a senior at the University of Houston, studying kinesiology with a double minor in biology and nutrition. I'm a ACE certified personal trainer. I'm a very active individual and love competitions! I've run 3 half-marathons in the past year and have done numerous mud challenges!

My love for fitness started when I was in high school after a knee injury sidelined me from being able to play softball in college. I played softball for 11 years and had plans of playing at the University of Texas. Unfortunately, I tore my meniscus and my acl playing soccer and was unable to continue playing. As soon as I was able, I joined a gym and started training to get back in shape since I put on a few pounds with my injury. With the help of a personal trainer, I got into the best shape of my life. I learned the best techniques to cut weight in a healthy way and how to put on muscle in all the right places. I've been in love with working out ever since. The gym is my home away from home. I love working out in any I can and always love coming up with new ways to make working out fun! I always find ways to challenge myself, whether it be running a mile just a little faster or increasing my flexibility in yoga class!

I can't wait to spread my passion for working out to all you future chicks! I want to help anyone out who wants to embrace their inner athlete. If you have a body, then you're an athlete! All you have to do is embrace it and learn how to challenge it. With Texas Fit Chicks, you'll be able to transform yourself into a happy, healthier being but in a fun way. I hope to see you all very soon and can't wait to get started! :D

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