Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Welcome new location - Northeast Austin TFC!

MWF 6:00-7:00 pm, 7:15-8:15 pm

The location of Northeast Austin Texas Fit Chicks will be Copperfield Elementary School in Northeast Austin - very close to Pflugerville. About 15 minutes south of Round Rock. It's convenient to I-35 and West Parmer Lane, but far enough away from busy roads that it's quite calm. We might just hear some kids playing in one of the yards across the street. Yesterday afternoon when I was there a family had rented a moon bounce for an active but not unruly birthday party.

The boot camp location affords us plenty of fresh air, a large expanse of grass, a screen of trees on one side, a running track, and, as a bonus, a swing set and some monkey bars and other similar playground equipment.  -- I realize Melody will never be calling for monkey bar relays as part of her workouts, but I may stick around after class to indulge my inner kid. :-) 

Northeast Austin Texas Fit Chicks address is 12135 Thompkins Dr. Austin, Texas 78753
Here's a link to it on google maps.

I was completing the final year of an Illustration degree at the University of Kansas when, frustrated by an extended fitness plateau but intimidated by the prospect of entering the free weight section of the university recreation center, I hired a personal trainer. 

My trainer listened to me, helped me assess where I was at, and guided me through my first dumbbell chest press and very shakey sets of bodyweight lunges. I still remember the night those lunges clicked - when, after practicing, I found my balance and began to build strength. I've since expanded my repertoire of exercises and will always pursue new fitness milestones, but mastering a bodyweight lunge is honestly one of the dearest memories of my entire life.

I fell in love with strength training quickly, and marveled to friends and family that there were people whose job it was to empower other people to improve their health and fitness. So after I graduated, I chose to get a personal training certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I've been working as a personal trainer for almost three years now and am so grateful to have a job where I can help other people meet their goals and improve their lives.   

Now, I'm excited and honored to be joining the Texas Fit Chicks Team in Austin Texas. Everyone in the organization has a lot of heart, and I look forward to helping them make fitness fun and accessible for the women of Pfluggerville and North Austin. I love that the workouts are scale-able for an huge range of fitness levels. 

When I'm not assuring clients that yes, they can get one more rep, I enjoy lifting weights, learning Muay Thai, window shopping online for pretty dresses, and wandering around the green belt with my friends. 

I want every woman who is considering joining TFC but who is afraid --for any reason -- to know that absolutely, she can do it, and that we're going to have a blast."

Visit Northeast Austin's Facebook Page for up to date information! 

Trainer Jenna
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